About Us

A little about the team.

The faces behind The Big Meet come from Hype Culture and Sittin Dubs; two collectives of
car enthusiasts who are passionate about their lifestyle and making a difference.


The Big Meet was created in order to turn your everyday car show into something more relaxed, chilled
out and family orientated. At the same time we want the show to be satisfying and beneficial, not only to
ourselves, but more so for charity.


We have teamed up with the well known charity ‘When you wish upon a star’ to raise money and
awareness for children with life threatening illnesses. The charity have granted wishes to these
children no matter how big or small they are, so far over 14,500 wishes have become reality by
the generosity of public events and donations; we want to make this number even higher!


Our previous shows have a huge success with over £4300 being raised for charity. A big part
of this money came from our charity tombola. To obtain this result we had an extensive amount of
prizes which were donated to us to give away, we thought we’d make this a little more fun by taking
a different approach, giving everybody an equal opportunity to win. The perfect solution.


We hope to see you at The Big Meet 2016 for a greater amount of fun, humour and raising even more money!



Kris Kerry


Yo...please can I get a touch

Clare Dawson


Chief Worrier

Adam Jackson


Adams Snack Bar

Jamie Nightingale


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